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Location in Heidelberg

Our Hotel has a calm location in a residential area in the west of Heidelberg's center and offers you perfect connections to your destinations in Heidelberg and the whole metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar.

The Centre and the Old Town can be reached also without a car in various ways in just a few minutes conveniently.

  • Centre: 2,2 km
  • Old Town: 3,9 km
  • University Clinics: 2,3 km
  • Technology Park: 3,2 km
  • Bahnstadt: 1 km
  • Kirchheim: 1,5 km
  • Wieblingen: 1,5 km
  • Eppelheim: 1 km
  • Bergheim: 2 km
  • Weststadt: 2,5 km
Sights and Attractions

The Sights and Attractions of Heidelberg can be reached easily and conveniently:

  • Castle: 6 km
  • Funicular: 6 km
  • Philosopher's Way: 5 km
  • Shipping Pier: 5 km
  • Old University: 5,5 km
  • Student Prison: 5,5 km
  • Thingstätte: 6 km
  • Monastery Stift Neuburg: 8 km
  • Zoo: 2,3 km
  • and much more...

First of all the Pedestrian Area of Heidelberg is a very attractive and popular Shopping Spot with countless large and well-known stores as well as many small and independent shops in the side streets.

Due to our location in the centre of the metropolian region Rhein-Neckar, our guests also have many other shopping destinations almost next door:


Many of our Guests visit Heidelberg and our Hotel due to a meeting or training at one of the Companies in our surrounding.

Due to our location in the west of Heidelberg, you can reach these Companies easily and conveniently:

  • Business Park Pfaffengrund: 200 m
  • Commercial Area Eppelheim: 1,2 km
  • Business Park Wieblingen: 2,3 km
  • Commercial Zone Rohrbach-Süd: 4,4 km
  • Industrial Area Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld: 10 km (directly via A656!)
  • Business Park Walldorf: 20 km (directly via A5!)
Trade Fairs and Congresses

You can reach regional and international Congresses and Trade Fairs quickly and easily:

  • Mannheim Maimarkt: 15 km/15 Minutes by car or taxi
  • Mannheim Rosengarten: 18 km/18 Minutes by car or taxi
  • Messe Sinsheim: 36 km/30 Minutes by car or train
  • Messe Frankfurt: 90 km/60 Minutes by car or train
  • Messe Stuttgart: 135 km/120 Minutes by car or train

Distances to the Airports:

  • Airport Frankfurt (FRA): 80 km/50 Minutes by car (Shuttle-Service)
  • Airport Hahn (HHN): 140 km/105 Minutes by car (Shuttle-Service)
  • Baden Airpark (FKB): 95 km/60 Minutes by car (Shuttle-Service)
  • Airport Stuttgart-Echterdingen (STR): 135 km/120 Minutes by car or train
  • Flughafen Mannheim-Neuostheim (MHG): 15 km/15 Minutes by car or train

International Guests almost entirely arrive at the Frankfurt Airport (FRA). We recommend a Shuttle-Service directly to our Hotel for currently just 35.00 EUR per person and direction.

Guests who arrive at the Hahn Airport (HHN) or at Baden-Airpark (FKB), can take a Shuttle-Service to the bus terminal in Heidelberg.

Public Transportation

In Heidelberg it is highly recommendable to use Public Transportation or a Bicycle. For your convenience we tell you how to use busses and trams and offer you the most commonly used tickets direcly if you desire. Some tickets can even be purchased from us at reduced rates.

  • Bus Stop: 80 m
  • Tram Stop: 120 m
  • S-Bahn (Suburban-Train) Stop: 1,2 km
  • Central Station: 2,2 km
  • Long-distance Bus Terminal: 2,2 km
Bike Ways

In an eco-friendly University City like Heidelberg the bicycle is very popular and Bike Paths exist in all directions.

If you have not brought your bike with you, you can rent one from us conveniently!

  • local Bike Way: 100 m
  • regional Bike Way ("Kurpfalz-Route"): 800 m
  • transregional and international Bike Ways:
    Burgenstraßen-Radweg, Paneuropa-Radweg: 800 m
    Heidelberg-Schwarzwald-Bodensee-Radweg: 1,9 km
Distances regional and transregional
  • Mannheim: 15 km/12 Minutes by car
  • Rosengarten Mannheim (Convention Center): 18 km/15 Minutes by car
  • SAP Arena: 15 km/10 Minutes by car
  • Schwetzinger Palace and Palace Gardens: 5 km/10 Minutes by car/20 Minutes with public transportation
  • Ladenburger historical Old Town: 12 km/10 Minutes by car
  • Neckargemünd Old Town: 15 km/20 Minutes by car/40 Minutes with public transportation/60 Minutes by boat from Heidelberg Pier
  • Neckarsteinach Old Town and Fortress Dilsberg: 20 km/25 Minutes by car/60 Minutes by boad from Heidelberg Pier (+ Bus to Dilsberg)
  • Weinheim Old Town: 23 km/25 Minutes by car/40 Minutes with public transportation
  • Sinsheim (Trade Fair, Museum, Stadion): 36 km/30 Minutes by car/40 Minutes with public transportation
  • Heppenheim Old Town: 30 km/30 Minutes by car/50 Minutes with public transportation
  • Speyer historical Old Town and Dome: 25 km/30 Minutes by car/60 Minutes with public transportation
  • Bruchsal Palace: 40 km/40 Minutes by car/60 Minutes with public transportation
  • Walldorf: 18 km/15 Minutes by car or shuttle service
  • Frankfurt City Centre/Trade Fair: 90 km/60 Minutes by car or train
  • Stuttgart: 130 km/120 Minutes by car/90 Minutes by train
  • Munich: 3,5 hours by car or train